Introducing a game changer in water pipe protection

What is IOREX? 

IOREX is a:

  • WATERPIPE PROTECTOR: It prevents pipe leakage in new pipes as well as minimizes and prevents further leakage from older pipes with existing leaks.
  • SCALE & RUST BUILD-UP REMOVER: It prevents and removes existing rust, scale, and slime in any type of pipe system, and can be installed on any size pipe (from 1/2" to 36").
  • BIOFILM REMOVER: It keeps water pipes clean, drastically increasing efficiency & extending pipe lifespan.
  • BACTERIA ELIMINATOR: It sterilizes water by breaking down the cell wall of bacteria (including Legionella bacteria) and therefore makes water safer.
  • SCALE, RUST, & SLIME BUILD-UP PREVENTOR: It prevents corrosion, and thus prevents lead or other toxic chemicals from leaching into the water as it passes through pipes.


  • Require lengthy installation process. IOREX can be installed in just hours.
  • Need any maintenance, filters or chemicals.
  • Use any electricity. It is a self-operating, energy-neutral system.
  • Need to be replaced periodically. It is effective for at least 20 years.
  • Require any corrosion inhibitors whatsoever.


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