Consumers have started to question the quality of the water they drink and the pipes through which it flows to their tap. In recent years – particularly due to some local municipal disasters – water pipes, drinking and waste water infrastructure in the United States has been under a spotlight. Upgrading systems or replacing pipes is an immediate need.

IOREX is an innovative water and pipe treatment device that utilizes the flow of water to actually clean and maintain water pipes rather than corrode them. It also removes and prevents biofilm formation and kills any bacteria present in water. This allows building and property owners, organizations, and municipal water management bodies to stop wasting fiscal resources on maintenance, controversial chemical treatments, descaling, pipe lining or pipe replacement.

IOREX avoids the downtime, labor, and extreme costs of pipe lining or replacement. 

After the IOREX is installed, it requires no maintenance, uses no chemicals and requires no external power source. It can be used in any home, building or facility water pipe system, and can be installed in just hours on any pipe size.



We support LEED credits in four categories:

  • Water Efficiency 

  • Energy & Atmosphere

  • Innovation

  • Integrated Design Process